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... to the people who dedicate their lives to helping you. People you depend on in an emergency who risk their
lives for you. These are your
firefighters and paramedics. They don’t like being called heroes. They say it’s just
their job. And they don’t like asking for help. So here’s
your chance.

Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees is made up of current and retired fire and public service professionals dedicated to making sure this overall memorial effort becomes the major success it deserves to be.

Darrell R. Perkins, President

Phone: (937) 978-6933

Charles A. Wiltrout, Vice-President
Phone: (937) 232-2200

Rod Longpré, Secretary/Treasurer
Phone: (937) 657-2077

Scott Anding, Trustee
Phone: (937) 512-5103

Charles W. Ford, Trustee
Phone: (937) 296-3384

Joseph S. Mingo, Trustee
Phone: (937) 239-7740

Bill Gaul, Trustee
Phone: (937) 433-3083

Charlie Plassenthal, Trustee
Phone: (937) 545-9970

        Now we’re trying to complete our major fundraising campaign to build the best Firefighter/EMS Memorial ever imagined.
  Finalizing the design with our juried arts competition winner, Jon Barlow Hudson
Fire Wall Design
    Working to prepare and
maintain the ideal setting
for its permanent home
Stubbs Park Memorial
    Sponsoring and training
more participants for the
annual event it will anchor
MV Honor Guards