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... to the people who dedicate their lives to helping you. People you depend on in an emergency who risk their
lives for you. These are your
firefighters and paramedics. They don’t like being called heroes. They say it’s just
their job. And they don’t like asking for help. So here’s
your chance.

Jon Barlow Hudson Wins Design Competition

Following a comprehensive and exhaustive Juried Arts Competition process where artists throughout Ohio were invited to submit original ideas for the memorial’s design, we are pleased to announce the winner is Yellow Springs, Ohio resident and internationally renowned sculptor Jon Barlow Hudson. For us Jon will build his original design, Fire Wall.

Fire Wall features three massive steel triangles, symbolizing the three classic conditions needed to create fire: fuel, heat and oxygen. At 15 feet tall the largest features the names of our 58 fallen firefighters and paramedics. Set beneath the Star of Life and an array of fire service symbols is a doorway with a laser cutout of a life-size firefighter. Behind it that figure stands alone. The other two triangles display the names of our nine counties and top donsors. All three et on a triangle plaza made of paving bricks.

As a prime example of his over 30 years experience in creating large-scale public sculptures, Jon was commissioned to create an original work set in Olympic Park for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Just one among dozens of his works found in 23 countries and across America.

nitially chosen from among a dozen submitting artists from as far away as Cleveland, Akron and Columbus, Jon was one of three semifinalists required to expand and present their designs. Special thanks goes to fellow Arts Competition Semifinalists Virginia Krause Hess of Centerville and Eric Fogarty of Xenia, who each received $1,000 for their efforts while managing to make our Juried Arts Committee's final choice truly challenging.

As promised, Jon will receive $80,000 to construct and install the memorial. We will work closely with him to finalize his design and prepare the site to his final design specifications.
Stubbs Memorial Park Home

Credit for managing this competition and choosing the winning artist goes to our Juried Arts Committee. It’s made up of arts professionals and surviving family members determined to make this vision of a Miami Valley Firefighter/EMS Memorial a reality.
Juried Arts Committee

Instead of predetermining what the memorial should look like, we did everything possible to obtain completely original designs from top artists throughout Ohio. Initially they submitted images of past projects, resumes, concept narratives and preliminary concept sketches.
Art Prospectus (PDF)

        Now we're trying to complete our major fundraising campaign to build the best Firefighter/EMS Memorial ever imagined.
  Finalizing the design with our juried arts competition winner, Jon Barlow Hudson
Fire Wall Design
    Working to prepare and
maintain the ideal setting
for its permanent home
Stubbs Park Memorial
    Sponsoring and training
more participants for the
annual event it will anchor
MV Honor Guards