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... to the people who dedicate their lives to helping you. People you depend on in an emergency who risk their
lives for you. These are your
firefighters and paramedics. They don’t like being called heroes. They say it’s just
their job. And they don’t like asking for help. So here’s
your chance.

Annual Memorial Service

Comforting the survivors while reaffirming those who serve. Participants in our annual memorial service experience great ceremony, pageantry and precision thanks to the Miami Valley’s Honor Guards. Over the years many of their members have selflessly volunteered their time and effort to our annual event. Many of course also assume official roles in marking our region’s line of duty deaths.
Miami Valley Honor Guards

That’s why through this effort we’re sponsoring, helping train and hoping to defray some costs for their members. Because we believe having more honor guard members will draw more people to the annual event. And guarantee the memorial’s ongoing attraction, visibility and legacy.
Stubbs Memorial Park Home

As proof, we greatly increased participation in this year’s Annual Memorial Event held on September 28th. Largely because in early May we sponsored a Memorial Association Training School that graduated 21 proud members representing eight agencies from Shelby and Montgomery Counties, and many of them took part in the event. 

For images of the recent Training School please view the Photo Gallery.

        Now we’re trying to complete our major fundraising campaign to build the best Firefighter/EMS Memorial ever imagined.
  Finalizing the design with our juried arts competition winner, Jon Barlow Hudson
Fire Wall Design
    Working to prepare and
maintain the ideal setting
for its permanent home
Stubbs Park Memorial
    Sponsoring and training
more participants for the
annual event it will anchor
MV Honor Guards